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Clean & Care

The following information provides helpful tips on how to care for you handmade rug.

Cleaning is an important step toward the preservation and mainteneance of your handmade rugs.There are no hard or fast rules regarding how often you should clean your carpet since each carpet is different, and every household exposes a carpet to varying degrees of wear and dirt.but keeping your carpet clean will help prevent long-term damage and maintain its beauty.

Quick cleaning

Brush your carpet with a hand broom made of natural bristles, or use an electric carpet sweeper. Don't forget to brush the underlay of the carpet as well as the floor beneath. CAUTION Frequent use of a vacuum cleaner will eventually loosen the knots and pull the fibers out of the pile. Also NEVER use a revolving brush attachment as it will pull the fibers apart and cause fraying. The nozzle attachment is safest and may be used once a month.

Spot cleaning

To spot clean your carpet
1- Dilute the stain with plenty of water.
2- Using a clean, dry, absorbent cloth, blot from the edge of the stain toward the center.(avoid rubbing)
3- Allow to dry, and then brush gently in the natural direction of the pile to restore it to its original state.

 For solid spills, first use a spoon to carefully remove the excess material and follow the directions above.


To shampoo your carpet at home,prepare a mixture of the following proportions.

Combine1/2 cup of shampoo to 4 1/2 cups of warm water.Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to prevent the color from running.

1-Lay the carpet with the pile facing up on a hard, flat surface.
2- Dip a brush into the liquid and apply it to the carpet in gentle, even, vertical strokes(vigorous brushing will not clean thoroughly and will damage the carpet in this wet and vulnerable state.)
3- Start in one corner of the carpet.Sweep brush with and against the pile using even, overlapping movements.The amount of shampoo mixture as weel as the pressure applied to the carpet should remain consistent over the entire carpet surface.
4- Once the entire carpet has beenbrushed vertically, repeat the procces brushing horizontally(side to side) across the pile, using the same gentle, even, overlapping stokes.
5- The pile should now be thoroughly cleaned.As the carpet dries, brush gently in the naturla direction of the pile to restore it to its original state.
6- Once the carpet has completely dried, remove the dried and dirt shampoo powder by brushing gently with a clean, dry brush one final time in the direction of the pile.

Note: Carpet shampooing should be performed in a room with warm air current and proper circulation.DO NOT drape the carpet over any apparatus-it must be allowed to dry on a flat,hard surface.DO NOT walk or place anything on the carpet until it is competly dry.The warp, weft and pile of  a competly dries carpet should feel soft and pliable.


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